Hello, my name is David.

Welcome to my personal website. Here are the projects I am currently working on.

Free Rein Entertainment LLC

My friend Billy Ayoola and I started a record label and artist management based out of Houston, Texas. We currently have two artists signed, Miles Presley and Emmanuel Paris.

We started Free Rein with the vision of creating a record label that empowered artists to reach their maximum potential. We also book artists for shows in Houston, so if you are an artist or band looking for more shows, please reach out to us on our website.

Social Media: Facebook: @FREFamily \\ Instagram: @FRE_Family \\ Twitter: @FRE_Family

outside warehouse live
Outside Warehouse Live, in Houston, Texas.

Where Trails End

My travel and adventure blog where I review parks, try new things, and tell stories from my travels. If you are interested in hiking, travel, or just looking for pretty pictures of nature, check it out!

Social Media: Facebook: @WhereTrailsEnd \\ Instagram: @WhereTrailsEnd

Hot Springs
My sunset view in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

More Social Media

The best way to reach me personally is through social media.

I am most active on Instagram, where I am @DreesDavid.

I also have a twitter account, @DavidDrees but I rarely use it.

Thank you for visiting 🙂